To handle any machine of handling in full safety, with the world reference in formation IPAF

Formation Operator
  • Objective of the formation

To teach with a driver how to in full safety prepare and handle various types of Mobile Lifting Platforms People (PEMP) and to allow him to obtain a License of operator (PEMP) IPAF

  • • Lasted of the formation: 4 to 5 days

Acquired competences:

At the conclusion of the formation, the driver:

  • Will have knowledge of the rules and hot lines
  • Will have knowledge of the sure practices of work
  • Will be conscious of the need for referring to the instruction manual of the machine

License STAKE (Power Access License) at the conclusion of the formation:

Any driver having followed the formation "operator" will be able to claim with the license STAKE validates during 5 years.

Another Formation:

  • Formation CACES

The training certificate with control in security (CACES) makes it possible to validate, essentially, the control of machines of handling in full safety theoretical and practices (Lasted: 4 to 5 days)

  • Other formations IPAF:

    • Push around with vertical chechmate - > PAV
    • Harnais (Use of PEMPs) - > H
    • PEMPs for persons in charge - > MM
    • Responsable service rentals - > HDC


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Target operators
  • Blue-collar workers of the building
  • Technicians Electricians
  • Painters and decorators
  • Industrial cleaners
  • Assemblers of electric lines
  • Mechanics of maintenance
  • Pruners
  • Technicians of the cinematographic centers
  • Artists And other professions

Assets of the training center

  • The first center approved IPAF in French-speaking Africa
  • Formations IPAF are certified ISO 18878:2004
  • IPAF annually trains 100,000 participants in 600 centers in the world
  • Proven and certified teaching methods
  • Trainers: professionals of the titular trade of certification instructor of IPAF
  • Teaching supports given to each participant
  • Practical works under real conditions thanks to the training center which has a broad range of machines of handling and adequate infrastructures